Wednesday, August 25, 2004

bad day

I lost the little slip that had the date of my traffic court written on it. I knew it was sometime this month. I mistakenly thought a jury duty notice was a notice for my court date. When I realized I was wrong (and that I'd missed both dates), I freaked out, being the generally law abiding citizen I am. After half a day of attempting to reach the local justice system by phone, I walked down to 850 Bryant Street's Court House only to stand in a line for half an hour to reschedule the court date that I had missed. Apparently the municipal system went almost completely automated. No more call in's to get information. We, the regular citizens, just have to stand in line (not getting paid) so that the city can save some money. Yay technology.

Just before I walked to the Court House, I posted a response to another poster on a Libyan ( site I like(d) to check out every once in a while. Granted, my post was careless, but the response was almost lethal. I was respectfully called out, but then other misreadings of my posting were evident and I had to defend my completely benign assumptions to prove my IQ. great. If there's one thing I'm not so excited about within my community, it's the suspiciousness of others. It gets old. It is old.

I haven't slept well the last few nights. I'm tired and need to try to get some sleep.

peace out.

Monday, August 23, 2004


Post one will be dedicated to introductions. I'm a Libyan born woman figuring out her way home from San Francisco, California, where I've been living for the last 6 years. Not that I'm clear on where home is, I just know I'm not there. (and I suspect that home is just a little bit closer to my mom's home in Tripoli, Libya than where I am now)

I recently graduated from University of California in Berkeley with a degree in Political Science. I studies political science in the hopes of discovering the dirty secrets behind all the crazy things happening in the world (particularly how they affected my family), but all I've found is that politics is everyone's to play with. So here I am, playing. And learning, still.

Currently, I'm actively working for/with the local chapter of a civil liberties group as well as hanging out at a satellite news station waiting for the crumbs of clips they sometimes ask me to translate. They also ask me to do other stuff and have been teaching me about the media industry in general (for which I'm grateful). On most nights, I also hostess at a restaurant for money.

I was inspired to begin this blog (i have another online journal) by another Libyan blogger, Highlander, so that I could actually interact with her and some of the comment posters on her blog. She, of course, has no idea who I am, so I'm sure this will come as a surprise to her. Hopefully, a pleasant one.

Next blog will be more interesting folks. Promise.