Thursday, April 21, 2005

Still up...

at 4:23 am.
I'll be up at 8 am to prep for the closing night.

Can someone remind me why I'm not doing this for the Libyan cause?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Made In Palestine

First, Happy Meloud to everyone that it applies to.

Second, my home computer is up and running and so it my internet!

Third, I'll have plenty to talk about after I sleep off the last month of madness.

Fourth, click here to see what's been sucking up most of my time and thrilling me to no end.

The Made In Palestine exhibit is in town (brought by the Justice in Palestine Coalition). This exhibit is the first all Palestinian gallery quality contemporary art exhibit to come to the US.

It was actually brought to The Station in Houston, Texas, in 2003. The art has literally been sitting in storage for the last two years as 90-plus galleries throughout the country rejected it.

The exhibit is one of the most powerful and inspiring I've ever seen and we're honored that a local Cultural Community Center has agreed to host it here. Thousands of people--all kinds of people--have come out to see this exhibit and been touched in profound ways.

The artists do a remarkable job of universalizing the Palestinian experience--something I think only art can do. They take the discussion and the viewer outside of the political realm. Using creativity and mixed media, they remind you with every glimpse what so many have forgotten in the midst of political tug-of-war--that this is about people. The theories and religions and justifications of this or that are besides the point.

As an activist, they remind me that being angry is meaningless without creative transformation.

And it's nice to take a moment to marvel at the beauty and resiliance of the human spirit...I'm sniffing the flowers as I type.