Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring Fever?

What is it about spring that makes everyone want to do everything all at the same time? My next couple of months look scary on a calendar...yet strangely exciting & full of intreague. I get a certain feeling in my belly when metaphysical doors and windows are opening, and I'm finally having that feeling again. I will say, I'm trying to learn to pick my battles and priorities...but it's a process.

I miss blogging, but I've simply got too much going on right now to get my computer fixed--ironic since much of my work is on the computer. For now, I'm staying late after work for as long as I can handle it (when I'm not supposed to be in some meeting or another). Anyways, I hope after my cyber haietus and personal growth period, I'll have some more interesting things to report back.

Finally, I would like everyone to welcome Hantuly. You've graced my blog and you're welcome to make any comments you wish.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Documentary Films

I've seen two films in the last week... if you know me personally, then you would know that this is remarkable. I hardly see a film a month or even a year.

The film I saw tonight, Born into Brothels, was absolutely amazing. I'll tell you the theme... a female photographer plants herself in a Calcutta red light district for a few years. She holds a photography class for some of the children living in the district, and then the children take over the story. The photographer herself, Zana Briski, almost falls into the background as the children's story unintentionally occupies her and the viewer's attention. Add to this the magnificent medium of photography to express each child's unique perspective--what images capture their attention in their daily lives. In the end you find that children will remain children, under all circumstances, and that there is beauty even amidst misfortune.

Somehow the smiles on these children's faces make you a little happier than most, but only because you don't expect them.

Pay attention to the unexpected; life's lessons are learned there.