Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TV Debate Between Regime and Opposition

Well, well, well... the Libyan regime feels compelled to acknowledge and debate the Libyan Opposition movement. And it only took 36 years!

The link leads to a transcript of a 'debate' between the Rjab Budabuss, former Minister of Propaganda and current Chief Ideologist of the Revolutionary Committees, and Mohammed Buisier, former reformist and cofounder of various Libyan opposition groups. The former represents the Libyan regime and the latter an advocate of democracy (I would say, by default, he represents Libyan dissidents in general).

The debate was aired on 'Aldemocratia'--a satellite TV channel--and moderated by Mohammed Alhashmy, the channel's founder (and a new research topic for me).

My cynical side says 'too little too late' while my optimistic side wants to read some positive into the poorly disguised double-speak espoused by Budabuss. By the time Rumsfled's image floated into my mind, I knew cynicism was winning.

I'll add my comments as an update after I nap off my travel exhaustion. Peace out.

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