Friday, October 26, 2007

October update

I keep opening up blogger and having no idea what to say or where to begin!

It's almost the end of October now, and I am in Istanbul again but not for long. I've been in Turkey since late June, worked at a daily newspaper, got an offer in the United Arab Emirates, quit my job here, flew to London to spend a night with my favorite cousin, went back to the US to go to a wedding, see some friends, and pack up whatever of my life I could fit into a couple of suitcases and boxes (ahhh!), spazzed out a whole lot, returned to Turkey, have taken the time here to recollect myself and will be off to the Emirates on Sunday night to start a whole new thing for at least the next six months.

This really is the year that I hope never to forget.

There's still a lot of clean up that I have to do, a lot of loose ends that need to be tied and wounds that need to be healed (I mean wounds I seem to have inflicted this time) and a lot a lot a lot (did i say a lot) of communicating and checking in that I have to do with people and a lot of self-adjustment that I have to work on.

But I feel like I'm in a much better space to do it now, like the noise in the background is gone now and things are clearer--really, I'm clearer.

But not clear enough to focus on this posting to make it any longer than this right now.

Am I really leaving... again?! Snap! Wish me luck.

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