Saturday, November 11, 2006

Prominent Gaddafi son leaves to work abroad - Yahoo! News

Prominent Gaddafi son leaves to work abroad - Yahoo! News

"TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Saif al-Islam, a prominent son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who made a rare public criticism of the country's political system in August, is leaving to work overseas, an official source said on Friday. "

Interesting developments in Libya. Definitely got my brow raised...


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The Deadline for the formation of a United States of Africa is now January 1, 2007

I wanted to give you the latest update on the Non-Governmental Organization:United States of Africa Internet Coalition USA4USAfrica, I started back in 1996 with Robert Wood at the Current sites for the movement at:: - A United States of Africa can prevent an African apocalypse on the horizon if unification does not happen NOW!

Our mission remains the same, to unite Africa as one nation and thus unite the world, in uniting Africa as one nation and thus prevent an African apocalypse:

Our Mandate is for the African Union on January 1 2007 to form an official United States of Africa with Kofi Annan, (whose term ends December 31st ) departing UN Secretary General, being installed as The United States of Africa’s 1st President in much the same fashion George Washington was “installed” as the first U.S. American President.

God willing.


The United States of Africa
Please forward to anyone who has cried a tear for Africa and wants to see a change.

"There are no words to describe what I feel about the possibility of the achievement of The United States of Africa.

The applause of the entire globe could not give this cause justice, and justice is what this cause will bring. I am sure that the US of Africa will mean the extinction of poverty and the promotion of world Unity. I know the day will come when its constitution is signed. It will be signed not with greed and power in mind, but instead with love and unity.

My prayers and deepest salutations are with you all." – Jared

While we understand the beginning of the USA for USAfrica may have an unusual genesis, the heart felt reasons behind the movement are unmistakable, and the need for a United States of Africa, is Undeniable.

No continent in the world is better positioned than Africa, ( a United Africa ) to contribute to the welfare of Mankind over the next thousand years. As an ABC Night Line reporter covering Africa noted, "Africa is 98% virtually the same as it was a thousand years ago." An incredible vast land of undeveloped potential both for it's people and the world.

In a United States of Africa, a citizen could freely travel from Gambia to South Africa to Algeria or anywhere on the continent to seek education, opportunity, commerce or the simple pleasure of tourist travel within their vast country.

A common African currency much like the EU model affords the ability to buy and sell throughout the continent with a reliable backed currency. A transcontinental citizenship throughout Africa will one day become the envy of the free world.

Much of Africa's third world debt could be relived if freedom and security of capitalism were able to thrive in any African country - state from taxes paid by companies involved in business in any African location. An immediate positive effect would arise from and establish local, municipal and federal levels of the united African infrastructure throughout Africa.

Any and all of these possibilities can only arise from what can take place in a United States of Africa. With national borders being no more restrictive than state borders, allowing transcontinental travel, commerce and opportunity for all African citizens.

A United States of Africa with the largest usable coastline in the world could one day be the country that enriches all of Mankind, feeds the world, heals the world, teaches the world and balances the world.

There is so much more involved and the USA for USAfrica is not naive to the many levels that must be addressed, our point is the dialogue must begin at once, in the media, on the airwaves, in discussions and editorials.

The concept of a United States of Africa must immediately be brought into public debate worldwide and among Africans themselves.

Still think a United States of Africa is a pipe dream? Google: Unitedstatesafrica, or read news on the African unification that USA4USAfrica has influenced already:


Angola reaffirms position on United States of Africa

LUANDA, November 21 -- Angola reasserts its adhesion to the principle of a Government of Union towards a United States of Africa, which might occur as result of a process of consolidation of the member states and a full and harmonious functioning of the current continental institutions, ANGOP learnt on Monday.

The Angolan Foreign Affairs minister, João Bernardo de Miranda, said so on Monday after the extraordinary meeting of the Executive Council of the African Union that ended last weekend in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopian capital and headquarters of the organisation.

However, on 17-18 of this month, 47 out of the 54 ministers of Foreign Affairs of Africa were gathered to analyse a "Study on a Government of Union towards the United States of Africa", as fulfillment of a recommendation from the last summit of Heads of State and the Government, held in Banjul, The Gambia.

The Republic of Angola, in line with the common position of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), gives privilege to the principles of subsidiarity in the Constitutive Act of the African Union, which characterises the continental organisation as a union of independent and sovereign states.

This stand goes in opposition to another one that advocates what should be considered as an expressive alienation of the sovereignty of the states, in favour of an African Confederative Government, with exclusive competences in some areas, such as defence and external policy.

The country’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the permanent representative to the AU, Manuel Augusto, is part of the Angolan delegation to this meeting of the Executive Council of the African Union, as well as senior staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. – angop

Yours in peace and a United Africa,

Mark Wood
Founder, USA for USAfrica
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